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Thread: Previously unknown fault caused Haiti quake

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    Default Previously unknown fault caused Haiti quake

    It wasn't Enriquillo-Plantain Garden after all:

    BBC News - Haiti quake was caused by previously unknown fault

    Eric Calais from Purdue University in Indiana, presented the findings at an scientific meeting in Brazil.

    At the American Geophysical Union's Meeting of the Americas in Foz do Iguacu, he explained that the earthquake was more complicated than previously thought.

    He said that the first "give-away" was the fact that there was no surface break along the known Enriquillo fault. This led to a search for other faults or fractures in the Earth's crust, which may have slipped and caused the event.

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    Unhappy So where is the new fault??

    Very interesting Chiri. I looked at the map, and while they show the fault they originally blamed it on, they don't show us the placement and direction of the 'new' fault. Interests me because our house is in the SW and I was sitting in an outdoor spring-rocker there when the Haiti quake had me really rocking - only side to side instead of back and forth.

    Thanks for posting this



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