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    Default Long Overdue Social Security

    One of my close friends here in Santiago is a retired heart surgeon but he still goes to his office everyday at Clinica La Corominas for consultations.
    Today he told me that from 1956 thru 1962 he had a political asylum visa for the U.S because his family was being persecuted by Rafael Trujillo. He practiced at 2 hospitals in New York for this six year time period. When Trujillo was assassinated, his family returned to Santiago and he has been here ever since, except for a yearly return trip to see family.
    The question is this, when he was in the U.S. practicing medicine for 6 years, he had and still has a U.S. social security number. He paid into SS and has never taken a dime back. He asked me if he was entitled to this money he paid in and if yes how would he go about getting this money returned to him.
    After 48 years this is still on his mind.
    So, anyone with any creative input??? He is in his 80's and I told him I would try and get an answer for him.

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    If he had a social security number and paid into the fund for 6 years he more than likely can receive a small benefit.

    He can check on his status on the social security web-site. He can also apply for any benefits he might have coming to him on the same site.

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    If the kind Dr was born after 1929, he needs 40 quarters of work (10 years) and paying taxes into the system in order to collect a benefit.

    Number of credits needed for retirement benefits


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