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    Default Organic Bananas - Great Article!

    Not sure the best forum for this, I should know right?

    I found this old article when I was looking for something else.

    It's a great read about a banana growing and exporting business owned by friends of mine, Jetta and Debebe. They are also good friends of a few others on the board. Hillbilly, Pib etc, we need to go visit

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    Maybe in the Environment Forum?

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    Default nice!

    I had the wonderful invitation from Debebe and Jette to visit in 2005....I have many photos from that experience, but since I am at school, Flickr is blocked. (A bit later will post my top banana pics from that trip!) They run a top notch operation. My dad was amazed (he is a professional organic dude--MOFGA, cooperative extension, all that....) and I have been wanting to return there ever since....

    Have not seen dd post here in ages....


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