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Thread: Recommended Spanish language newspapers

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    Default Recommended Spanish language newspapers

    Newspapers from the Spanish-speaking world

    Here is a suggested list of newspapers to read for those who are looking for quality sources in order to improve their Spanish reading comprehension and writing ability.

    Newspapers from Spain and International news in Spanish:

    1) ABC

    One of Spain's largest national newspapers and highly recommended.

    I read this paper on a regular basis primarily for its news content, and writing quality. I find the usage of colloquial expressions appropriate for the story/ theme being discussed otherwise, it's quite comprehensible for anyone to read if the goal is to read a quality Spanish newspaper.

    ABC. Noticias de España y del mundo - -

    2) El País (Madrid, Spain)- Global Edition

    It's considered one of the best newspapers from Spain. Excellent writing quality and quite diverse. It may be a bit challenging to read at the beginning, but the more you read it, the easier it will seem.

    ELPAÍ el periódico global en español

    3) BBC Mundo

    Covers an array of news and topics from around the world in Spanish.

    BBC Mundo - Inicio

    4) CNN Expansión

    An all round quality news site with a focus on Mexico.

    5) El Mundo

    Another long standing quality newspaper from Spain. Líder de información en español

    Newspapers from Latin America and the USA:

    6) Listín Diario- Dominican Republic

    A balanced newspaper from the DR with good writing quality in general. It provides an interesting diversity and good selection of articles to read.

    Listin Diario

    7) La Nación- Costa Rica

    One of Costa Rica's national newspapers from San José. Quite good writing quality with diverse daily themes and topics.

    La Nación - el periódico de Costa Rica

    8) El Espectador- Colombia

    I describe this newspaper from Bogotá, Colombia as the pulse of the nation. It's quite well-written, diverse, and presents an array of articles to read in Spanish. It's very comparable to the most read newspapers of other Spanish-speaking countries.


    9) Diario Las Américas- USA

    I used to read this paper many years ago (the hard copy) before online reading became popular. I will also start to read it again on a regular basis.

    I always thought it was a good Spanish newspaper from the USA (printed in Miami, Florida) and quite easy to read as it is geared towards a diverse Spanish-speaking crowd.

    Periodico Diario Las Americas - Noticias y finanzas para Hispanos en Miami y America Latina

    ....more newspapers will be added/ recommended accordingly.

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    Default More newspapers...

    I read a variety of newspapers from the Spanish-speaking world and often look for different options after a few months. Since my original post, I have found and have been reading a broad variety of Spanish newspapers and a few are worthy of adding to the list.


    In my opinion, this newspaper is very well-written. I have been reading it for a while and I have referenced it often in my posts. It is great for examples of proper sentence structure in Spanish.

    El Universal - Porque decides a diario


    This newspaper is also a good example for Spanish reading. It has a Spanish column weekly on Sundays with grammatical questions and answers.

    Noticias de Guayaquil | El Universo


    This is another great paper from South America for daily reading in Spanish. You will observe the usage of voseo forms which is a key feature of Spanish in that region. Other than that, it’s a good newspaper if you are looking for examples of proper sentence structure in Spanish.

    El Observador

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