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Thread: Car Buying !?!

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    Default Car Buying !?!

    Hola a todos
    I am interested in buying a car in Bavaro area(El Cortecito).
    My budget is 120.000-150.000 DR Pesos.
    Any suggestions here or in pm would be much appreciated.

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    What I would suggest on that budget is to use that or part of as your initial and get something you can rely on and run around in on and monthly plan. I buy cars in that price range but it really isn't for everyone, knowing cars well will help keep it on the road but if you rely on garages for repairs then you could end up costing quite a bit if you don't hit lucky. Then again I've had a few I have managed to sell on for the price I have paid several months later, just need to judge the sell before it starts to get terminally ill.
    Good luck.


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