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    Post advice on travels in the DR!

    Hello everyone,

    Brief Background:
    I am a young professional who has just returned from a visit in the Dominican Republic. For my first visit I decided to take the advice of many posts here on the forums, and stayed at the VH Gran Vantana resort in Playa Dorada in Puerto Plata.

    After 3 consecutive days of resort life and an excursion of para-sailing, I simply got bored of the resort life and was fed up with the DR. It was at this time I decided to visit my travel rep. (Air Canada) and get a rental car from a dealer in Puerto Plata.

    This was exactly what I needed, I rented a Honda CRV and spent every given moment I had in Puerto Plata. My father is very familiar with the local city and knew alot of locals we would visit. (he has an apartment in Costambar). I met a very nice young lady who I look forward to seeing when I return, and have kept in contact with.

    Now with my return trip being planned in January of 2011, for 10 days, I am looking for some advice from you DR1.Com members. I am hoping to travel across the island and take in a little bit of the culture and sights from all over the country. I have hopes of renting a car to visit:

    -> Puerto Plata (local friends)
    -> Sosua (heard alot bout it)
    -> Santo Domingo (gotta see the capital)
    -> Hato Mayor (where the girl I met is from).
    ...and any other major cities that may be of interest.

    Can any of you suggest what type of car would be needed to travel to these destinations, (suv or full size car?) hotels or places to stay in these cities or near them, and any logical travel advice. I am not fluent in Spanish at all but am taking lessons and hope to have a 'basic' understanding of the language before my trip. I'm not a 'needy' person but I do enjoy a comfortable bed, and a 'clean and comfortable' room, price isn't a large issue, although I'd like to keep the trip to a minimum of expenses.

    I'm thinking I'd like to rent an apartment in Puerto Plata for the week and then possibly a hotel or two outside the city for while I'm travelling. I always like having a place to call home while I travel so I don't need to bring all my stuff with me everywhere I go.

    Your time and help is greatly appreciated. Any tips whether warnings or advice is greatly appreciated, and I would like to thank you all in advance. I take critizism very well. Hope to hear from all of you! Thanks!
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    re driving in DR, press the "what to know before you go" button at


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