It's been about 18 months now since I upgraded my iPhone to a 3GS from the Orange headquarters in Santiago. I took it on the iMax plan, specifically for the iPhone.

I was told when I bought it that the 3G network would be available in a couple of weeks. So here I am 18 months later and my phone still won't connect to the new 3G Orange network. Although it does work on the EDGE network, but it would be nice to experience the 3G speed that my friend gets on his Claro iPhone.

I went into my local Orange store in Sosua where I usually pay my bill. The girl in there was quite helpful and explained that I needed to change my SIM for a 3G one. Which she duly did. But I'm still stuck on the EDGE network. She then said that maybe it's a configuration issue and that I should take my phone to the Orange centre on Beller in POP.

There I was told that the new 3G network doesn't support the iPhone 3G! If I want 3G on my iPhone, then I will have to upgrade to the latest iPhone 4.

Sounds like a cock and bull story to me! Does anyone have the 3G network on their iPhone 3?