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    Default Barahona - Larimar mines

    Hola, guys!
    I want to tell about our journey to the mines, where Larimar is mined in the Barahona region.

    What for a stone - Larimar?

    This semiprecious mineral of is gentle-blue colour - sight of Dominican republic. Its deposits are in the country southwest in mountains Sierra-de-Baoruko. This ridge is made by mountains with very abrupt slopes and almost all of them have height about 2000 m.

    To visitors of a museum Larimar in Santo-Domingo tell such history of opening of a mineral. For the first time about it it became known in 1916 thanks to the Spanish priest who has casually found a beautiful blue stone. A find have admired, but practical steps then were undertaken by anybody. Only in 58 years a mineral have opened really.

    … the Local jeweller by name of Migel Mundez has found once a mineral of colour of Caribbean sea which washes coast Dominican.

    By the right of the one who has opened a new stone to the world, Mundez has given it own name: Larimar.

    Colour of a stone varies from light blue to dark blue, and the surface flickers grey and white. Larimar it is possible to get acquainted with the most interesting copies in already mentioned museum which is in Santo-Domingo in the house constructed still in XVII century.

    … the Deposit of blue pectolite in Dominican republic while the only thing in the world. It is located in the southwest of the country near to salty lake Lago Enriquillo. The lake in itself is interesting, because is located on 40 metres below a sea level, supersalty and crocodiles are found in it ….

    Extracting Larimar in the most primitive way: in open holes by means of hammers with which break basalt, and shovels with which "move" the fulfilled breed. Mineral stocks are not reconnoitered yet completely, but the country government bears plans of carrying out of researches and modernisation of extraction of a stone.

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