If you are living in or around La Romana, (Buena Vista, Casa de Campo included) I have a questions for you.

My wife and I have recently transfered to La Romana after living in Puerto Plata for the last few years. My question, for the ones that live in the area is as follows:

Would you or do you know of some that would be interested in in having an in home Salon experience. We are trying to find if there would be enough interest in offering this service to ones who prefer to have their hair cut, colored,styled by a professionally trained hair stylist with a Canadian license.

Our experience in Puerto Plata was that many Dominicans and "foreigners" (i.e. Italians,Canadians, Americans, Brits, Germans,French) actually prefer to give up the "traditional dominican" salon experience in exchange for a highly trained North American who is familiar with the latest styles,cuts and colour sets.

We would be interested in hearing your thoughts,comments to see if this is something that would be supported in the area.

Thank you all in advance,