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    Default gf from costa rica, lives in DR. I live in uk. How to get married?

    My girlfriend is from Costa rica but lives and studies in DR. she has a costa rican passport.
    Im from the Uk and have a UK passport.

    Does anyone know the best way to get married. shes looking at living here permanently from next april time. But if she comes on a visiting or work visa, she cant then cross the application and apply for marriage visa and settlement.
    Also it seems if she says she is from costa rica, she doesnt even need a visa, but as soon as we say we'd be flying from DR, it changes and says she does, no matter where she is from.

    How about if we married in DR, then came back to UK, can she come back as my wife without a visa and apply? Im so confused, the visa website is so complicated !

    any help would be appreciated.


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    She does not need to Visa to travel to the UK if she holds a Costa Rican passport. Why not let her just come to the UK and get married there?

    See below.

    / 03FEB11 / 2204 UTC

    National Costa Rica (CR)
    Destination United Kingdom (Great Britain) (GB)

    United Kingdom (Great Britain) (GB)

    Passport required.
    - Passport and/or passport replacing documents must be valid
    for the period of intended stay.

    Visa required, except for A max. stay of 6 months:
    - for nationals of Costa Rica;

    - Period of stay will be determined by Immigration Officer on

    - When their names are registered in the passport of (one of)
    their parents or guardians, For details, click here
    Additional Information:

    - Flights between the United Kingdom and the Channel Islands,
    Ireland (Rep. of) and Isle of Man are treated as domestic

    flights, therefore are not subject to UK immigration

    - For visitors who are visa exempt up to a max. stay of 6
    months, the period of stay will be determined by the
    Immigration Officer on arrival.


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