Ok, so I've been to the DR a few times but never to Punta Cana. Can anyone recommend a place to stay that is walking distance to a casino that has a poker room?

Also, we are only staying in PC for two days then we hope to go to Samana to see the whales (for two days) then to Las Galeras OR Las Terranas for the rest of the trip. Any advice on getting from PC to Samana is greatly appreciated. I know how to get back to PC from the peninsula. Also, is it possible to get to Las Galeras easily from Samana Santa Barbara? If not, I know how to get to Las Terranas.

I have been to Samana, but my husband has not. We are looking for a place with natural beauty, good snorkeling/diving spots, and good bars/food. Would you recommend Las Terranas or Las Galeras?

Thank you! Rebecca