Hi Everybody,

I've used DR1 sooooo many times in the past (back when I was, myself, a resident of the DR up in Cabarete) and here I am again, this time typing from frozen Ottawa, Canada and hoping to return to the Dominican Republic.

So here's the deal: I'm Canadian, I speak English, Spanish and French, and I've got about 6 years of solid Resort experience behind me. At the moment I'm working in Event Management, Marketing and PR here in Ottawa, but I'm simply longing to return to the DR. My daughter is 5 and she's half Dominicana, and I'd love for her to embrace her other roots, too, and it's just time to go back.

The issue: I don't even know where to begin to look! I understand the job market is unstable right now, but I'm very open to any leads you guys might have. I've contacted all my friends up in Cabarete and they tell me the North is facing some major tourism crisis, so therefore I'm happy to settle wherever.

I'd love to hear any thoughts any of you have, so please send them along. I've looked all over online but it's hard to find anything specific. I'm happy to travel down to the DR for a few days if I booked enough solid interviews to look forward to, as well!

Thanks, gang. Will look forward to your thoughts!