Hi- I am a bilingual spanish-english social worker-therapist with a master degree. I have taught ESL-EFOL in community colleges pt. I have years of experience in medical and mental health social work, supervision, administration and direct practice. I have experience teachin spanish language substance abuse classes and dwi as well. Currently I work for the federal us govt- and call me crazy- but I want to move to dr. My husband lives here in the us and is a legal perm resident, our son is 2.

. I have been to dr several times. My husband is from sto dgo originally and still has family there. Aunts, cousins, uncles and parents-siblings.

Where can I start my search? What are my options and is it worth it? I want our son to have an opp. To know his dominican fam and exp the culture- my thought process is that if I can find a "good" job with a clinic, school, etc, in dollars, preferibly- well be better off $.

Thoughts appreciated- referrals too. Inbox as needed.