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Thread: Do you need proforma invoice at port customs?

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    Question Do you need proforma invoice at port customs?

    I am shipping some items to the DR. I was wondering do you need the proforma invoice at port besides:
    *Commercial Invoice
    *Bill of lading
    *Consular Invoice


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    There is a lot of open area for review here regarding documentation.

    It depends on some of the following.

    What are the goods being shipped?
    How much are you shipping?
    Are the goods hazardous material?
    Do the goods have an international harmonized tariff code?
    What is the nature of the goods, for marketing only or for resale?
    What is the value of the shipment?
    Where is it being shipped from and to?

    Most of the required documentation and assistance can be provided by a reliable customs house broker/freight forwarder.

    If you provide more information it is possible some of us posters can provide you with a better answer to steer you in the proper direction.


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    Default Commericial Invoice

    You never need a Pro-Forma invice for anything, never.

    You do always* need, always* need the commericial invoice.

    *Always does not count for stupily obviously inexpensive items or some personal items BUT if there is any doubt what so ever that the value is not stupidly obviously inexpensive the items will be held for the Commercial Invoice.

    As seen all over this board, Items with a value of less than US$200.00 are exempt from taxes, import or sales.



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