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    Default German Tourist Numbers on the North Coast

    I have been looking at the Tourist Data for the North Coast and have been trying to find out why the number of German tourists dropped so dramatically in the early 2000ís. I know that there was a worldwide drop after 9/11 but the German tourist numbers to the north Coast never really recovered. Here are some of the numbers from the Banco Central web site:

    1999 : 245,083, 2000: 220,685, 2001: 154,163, 2002:79,910, 2003: 77,409, 2004:71,798, 2005:65,909, 2006: 65,836, 2007:50,418, 2008 :39,127 2009:35,403,
    2010: 35,875

    It is the period 2001 to 2003 where there was some factor that greatly reduced the number of German Tourists! Other groups tended to recover over those years but not the number of German Tourists.

    It could be the exchange rate but it was fairly constant to the Euro from 1999 to 2002 then the big jump in 2003 with the Euro buyinh much more Pesos.
    There was very high inflation in 2003 and 2004 in the DR but that went hand in hand with the increased Peso per Euro so it does not look as if that was the problem.
    It must have been some change here or in Europe. Any suggestions?



    PS I posted this in Pichardos Thread in General but it got lost - !!!

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    they all go to gran canaria

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    Trend for visitors from Europe in general has a declining trend. Most hit was North Coast (80% drop), but east coast dropped 40% as well.

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    Default Other better/cheaper alternatives

    like Thailand... The tourism people here has done such a bad job. High flight taxes and a bad product. Not a good combo.

    The whole Playa Dorada was full with almost nothing. Condor was flying many times a week.

    Like somebody said, this applies for most European countries.


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