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    Default íHola! Tgf, . . .

    A question or two, if I my. . .

    What was the time frame of your Cibao experience?

    Do you or could you possibly know some of the same folks that Hillbilly is acquainted with?


    . . . CES

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    I doubt it. Hillbilly, having lived and worked in the Santiago region for decades has "the finger on the pulse of the Cibao" so to speak. His is a proper Cibao experience. I actually lived and worked in several coastal north coast communities of the country from 1988-1990. I have been working and traveling in the D.R. on and off since 1982. Officially, this is not the Cibao, but the Spanish spoken from Puerto Plata to Monte Cristi is considered to be of the Cibae˝o dialect as distinct from the south coast and capitol dialect. This was where my Spanish was polished (so to speak) and my Latin American friends certainly say that I speak with a Dominican accent.

    The D.R. being a small country, I┤m sure we could get together and swap names and a few individuals would pop up as mutual acquaintances. But my connections in the Cibao proper are limited to a few friends in Santiago.


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