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    I was wondering if there were any daycares in Santo Domingo? If not, what is done? What about day baby-sitter? thanks for the information.

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    Dominicans and many foreigners here often hire a nanny to look after thier kid(s). However, I have yet to see a nanny I would leave my kid with... There are preschools that start as early as age 1&1/2, that run from 8-12 daily. For the evenings, we try to find a teenager (generally a foreigner) to look after our kid. It is not all that easy, unless you decide to hire a nanny--but generally the "care" they provide seems to involve turning on the tv... Don't expect stories or crafts--nannies here tend to come from the campo, and are pretty much uneducated and certainly untrained in any aspect of childcare. Good luck!

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    If you have dominican friends talk to them, most of them have a sister that would like to make some money and that are reliable. That is what a friend of mine did and that woman did her job just great. She was also cleaning and cooking.


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