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    Default Visa Restrictions Same For Passport Holder In U.S. or U.K. and D.R. ?

    Are these Travel Visa Requirements for Citizens of Dominican Republic living in United States the same for a person living in the D.R. with a D.R. passport or are there visa requirement differences if you are living in the D.R. versus living in another country with a D.R. passport?

    Only Mr. Guzman can solve this puzzle I believe since it is for a legal expert.

    I found the above link and thought if it is the same for the U.S. person it may be the same for the U.K. person? The D.R. would treat all resident aliens alike ?

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    First of all if a Dominican citizen is legally living in the USA or another country it means they already have a visa to live there, so what are you asking?


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