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Thread: Vehicle taxes

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    Default Vehicle taxes

    I do not know which forum to use so i will apoligize if this is not the correct one.
    I am married to a dominican woman and i work in the US i travel there every other month
    my question is this
    i own 2 motorcycles here a 2005 suzuki boulavard and a 2000 harley davidson
    i would like to ship one of them there, i have been told if i take one of them apart and ship it in boxes i could ship it there without paying the taxes on it. If anyone knows if this is true i would like to know.
    If anyone knows what the taxes o a bike that is valued at about 4000 dollars here would be i would be interested in this also.

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    How are you going to get it registered?

    I agree with JDJ ^^^above^^^. Do the right thing and just pay the taxes.


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