I am married to a dominican woman and work in the us, i travel home every 2 months, my question is this.... i have been looking for a compnay out of the chicago area that i could use to ship things but have been having very little luck finding one through the internet. I am an over the road truck driver and do not know any other dominicans in this area and as all of my stuff is in the chicago area i really need to find a company from that area. I also want to know what is the best way to ship a motorcycle there? I have heard that if i take it apart and ship it in pieces and then put it back together there i could bypass the taxes because i would be shipping it as parts, one is a harley davidson and one is a suzuki boulavard which is as big as a harley. I have looked into to buying one there but a family memeber of mine paid 10000 american there for a 2000 boulavard and i know a 2000 harlaey davidson sells there for about 15 thousand to 20 thousands and i am sure i can ship mine there for a lot less money then this as they are both paid for and i have owned them since they were new. thanks for any help i can get