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Thread: Shipping jewelry to DR?

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    Default Shipping jewelry to DR?

    How difficult (or risky) is it to ship silver jewelry to the DR?

    My girlfriend's opening up a small boutique in Santiago, and we will be purchasing some jewelry from Asia. We will be receiving small packages (a package may have about USD$ 80 worth of silver merchandise), but I'm concerned that it may possibly disappear when processed through customs.

    Is this possible? Also, is it preferable to send it via EPS (or the like) or just send it directly from Asia to the DR? Their shipping costs to the US is free.


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    How does the seller ship?

    If you are not sure it is secure, recommend that you use one of the courier services, such as EPS. I've used them for 20 years and have never lost anything. I also suggest that when the parcels arrive and you pick them up from the office of the EPS agent that you open them in the office so that you can determine if anything is missing before you leave the EPS office.


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