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Thread: Unlocking an Orange iPhone.

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    Default Unlocking an Orange iPhone.

    I've had my Orange Dominicana iphone for a couple of years now and I would like to get it unlocked so that I can take it abroad and put different sims in it.

    I have investigated all of the jailbreak options and my phone has a modem baseband that cannot be unlocked at the moment. Well there is one option, but it means that the GPS won't function afterwards.

    According to Apple's website here Locating iPhone wireless carriers Orange can actually unlock my phone officially. I would imagine it would mean a trip to the main Santiago office and all of the customer service agents saying that it can't be done. In theory it can be, has anyone done it?

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    Hi,there are many software available to unlock iphone and i unlocked it by remote unlocking..there are many online providers who provide the of my friend got unlocked his iphone from Superunlockcodes by remote unlock..and the important thing remote unlocking is available for some country and network providers only so if you are interested you can try from them before that see whether remote unlocking is available for your country and provider..

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    Jailbreaks work extremely well, you get a free marketplace too!

    Have you contacted Orange regarding the unlock?


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