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    Default I married a Dominican man and need divorce info

    I am a US citizen and staying in the DR for the summer. I do not have residency here. I had plans to marry my dominican boyfriend and live happily ever after. Well we just got married less that a month ago in Gaspar Hernandez and I need divorce info. He a Dominican citizen and has never lived outside of the DR so I have been told I cannot do a "quick divorce." Nor have we been married for 2 years so I cannot do a "mutual consent divorce." Apparently my only option is for an "irreconcilable differences divorce" in which I retain a lawyer and pay lots of money and then wait 6 months. The lawyer claims I do not need to be present. I only need to sign the documents (which do not include a separation agreement because we have no assets to separate). Advice please so that I have a valid, legal divorce. I have 5 more weeks here and would like to get the papers squared away before I leave. Thanks.

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    Default Honeymoon's Outcome

    Quote Originally Posted by allyfish View Post
    we just got married less that a month ago... and I need divorce info.
    A divorce with the husband's consent?


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    I think you need to be present at the court once, then the lawyer takes it from there.
    There will be at least 2, maybe 3 court hearing, each about 2 months apart, so 6 months sounds right.
    It will cost you around 5000 USD if you use Guzman Ariza.


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