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    Default Dominican Republic: Paradise of the mountains of waste

    This is soooooo true
    Dominikanische Republik: Paradies der Müllberge
    It's in German but it has the option for English

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    Yes, there needs to be a complete change of attitude and education but if they start now it will take many years. Just try taking a walk on Cabarete beach late on a Sunday afternoon after the people have gone. Not pleasant!

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    This is a hot button with me. I live in Las Terrenas part of the year and accumulation of garbage is a major issue. To blame one set of individuals is not fair, however I see most of the abuse originating by those persons who do not think that leaving garbage on the beach or by the side of the road is wrong. Bring it in, take it out. Yes, attitudes need to change, but there also has to be a system in place to make it easy to dispose of garbage and then have it picked up on a regular basis. In Las Terrenas there has been progress in keeping the beaches and tourists areas cleaner, however the local government needs to spend additional monies on resources to continue the process. Many times, it is as simple as, waste containers placed in convenient locations for people to throw out garbage. Also there needs to be someone that comes on a regular basis to empty these cans. Labor is relatively cheap. Why not hire people to clean up these pits where garbage accumulates and then have a small number of people follow up on a regular basis for maintenance. Until this becomes a priority but all levels of government than nothing will significantly change. One thing that has been discussed is garbage burning, electric generating plants. If a price was put on picking up garbage you can bet there would be a lot more people interested in it. This would then be sold to the plant. It would create income, jobs, be good for the environment and create cheap electricity. If you had a couple of these plants in different parts of the country than attitudes would change about this on going problem



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