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Thread: How long does it take to travel from the Dominican Republic border to the Citadelle

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    Default How long does it take to travel from the Dominican Republic border to the Citadelle

    I want to travel from the northern border of the Dominican Republic to the Citadelle in northern Haiti. How long does it take?

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    Travel time depends on starting and ending points and method of travel.

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    I read your other posts as well. Be aware that traveling from the DR to the Haiti is not like traveling from one US state to another. Haiti is a separate country, which means you cross an international border each way and you must have your passport in hand.

    Given your concerns about your legal situation, it would definitely be recommended you speak to your attorney about traveling to Haiti from the DR. Normally, it would not be a problem, but without knowing the details of your background, I recommend it is better to be safe than sorry.

    Travel across to Haiti is not all that easy for those who do not know the ins and outs of travel here. You cannot rent a car to drive to Haiti. You might be able to hire a cab that will take you, but you will be paying quite a bit of money. Buses are available, but you may have to connect. And if the DR and Haiti governments get into a spat, the border lines move very slowly. If you know someone here who has a car and is willing to drive you, your much better off offering to pay for their gas and a little extra.

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