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    Default Edenorte problem or no

    Edenorte took our electric meter today and replaced it with a different one. Said ours was going to the "lab" in Santiago and they gave us a date to appear there next week. Anyone have experience like this?

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    I would suggest you tell them that you will be bringing an Electrical Engineer and Laywer to witness any test that they carry out and that you will not accept any test results that have not been witnessed by your Engineer and Lawyer.
    They may be trying to say you have tampered with the meter but it is a new one! And I have not heard of this approach before.
    People complaining about the meter readings and meters are quite common but this is new - keep us all up to date with what is happening!



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    They obviously think the meter has been tampered with. Happened to me once at our colmado. Electricity man was called Bastardo - go figure. In the end nothing happened and we carried on with new meter. You will know if your meter had been fixed to run slowly so as to speak. If it has, start saving your pesos.


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    They took mine a couple months ago and left nothing on it. I still had electricity. Finally I went to Edenorte to say, wtf. Then they came a week later and put a new metre on. Then they had all of these ridiculous charges on my last 3 edenorte bills. I have never been so frustrated in my entire life because obviously everything was MY problem and I was forced to pay for all of them being freaking dumb a$$es


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