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    Default Re newing a childs British passport

    I have just noticed my soon to be 5 year olds passport is due to expire in December this year, I know some airlines need you to have at least six months on your passport to travel. Can I renew his passport over here or do I need to sort it back in the UK?
    Any information would be very appreciated.

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    I did it last year - you have to download the renewal form from the website, fill it in and courier it together with the passport, photos, fee and requisite signatures/endorsement to Washington DC. It took about 6 weeks.


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    if you do it the "washington" way, and you pay by credit card, make sure the payment will be authorised. i used a scotiabank card, which was supposed to be okay (according to their security department), but the payment was refused. washington didn't phone the one time when this happened, as they promise they do. i paid a fortune in calls trying to find where the passport was. everything was eventually sent back to me. i had to find a different credit card (banreservas) and send it back again. luckily i did it all a few months in advance and daughter was able to travel on time.

    on the other hand, i know someone who couldn't handle the "washington" way and decided to risk posting it direct to the uk. it nerves couldn't handle that.


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