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    Ed and Mame

    Default ATTENTION ROB: The Haven Hotel

    Thanks for your information on the Haven Hotel. Do they have a website?? If not, do they AC? a pool? restaurant? How far is it from most government buildings(area). We will be making this trip to get information on relocating to DR. Since it's in the colonial zone, would that mean its style/architecture is "colonial" and/or "old style" and - like "charming"
    We're not looking for glitz, glamour ... How many rooms does it have? (We like the price you quoted us!!) Approximately how far is it from the airport? Thanks very, very much!!
    -Ed and Mame-

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    Default Sorry, never stayed there...

    Why don't you pick up the phone and give them a call?

    I'm sure they can answer all your questions.


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    Ed and Mame

    Default Re: Sorry, never stayed there...

    thanks for the suggestion about calling that hotel - but, frankly, we can't afford it, Rob. We're LOW middle class, need every penny we can scoop up just to make this trip! -Ed and Mame-

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    Default Re: Sorry, never stayed there...

    Should get room at hispaniola for 50-60 nite, includes a brekfast buffetthat will hold you until dinner

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    Ed and Mame


    Yes, Tom, that's where are reservations are. We will be staying there for the first week of our "fact finding venture" but want to change hotels a couple of times and, in a different website, we saw "Haven Hotel" in the colonial area of SD. That sounds interesting ("colonial"). We were wondering about the atmosphere and environment of that hotel. We can always wait until we get there to check things out for ourselves, but it's kind of nice to have some idea about things before getting there. We're the sort who "plan/think ahead" about all things.
    Thanks for your nice response(s). You, too, are on our "Nice People List." -Ed and Mame-

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    I know nothing of this hotel, but being in the "zone," you will get a different flavor than the more commercial and educational district of Hispaniola. This does not mean it is noisy or anything, and personally I would request a ground floor garden room, same price and you don't have to go through the lobby each time.

    They have mini fridges and if you want to save a few bucks, empty it and put your own "supplies" in and let the "mini bar" guy know his stuff is right there on the counter


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    Default Tom" Ed and Mame" should go to Boca *DC*

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    Default Why?

    If they are in need of visiting govt offices etc, what in the world would they go to BC for?

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    Default Re: ATTENTION ROB: The Haven Hotel

    If you are interested in a colonial style hotel in the colonial zone, we just stayed at 2 there. Hostal Nicolas Nader, our room was $70 per night total. It is a nice hotel reminded us of a old castle, the room was very good, no mini bar/fridge tho, ( didn't really matter to us). They have bar downstairs open certain hours ( don't know them), husband got bottled water from the desk. There are stores very close that sell refreshments cheaper. This hotel only has about 10-15 rooms I guess, but the 2 we saw, were spacious, very nicely furnished and clean. The A/C ran even when we were out. We didn't eat the breakfast, but it is around $3-4 per person extra. There is a McDonald's on El Conde Street, within walking distance if you prefer, and also La Cafeteria even closer, same street, sort like a small diner, nice place. Husband really like the coffee there. If your out after 11pm, you have to knock in the huge front doors, they will let you in.
    We would definitely use this hotel again. You can reach them by email to make your reservation at
    [email protected]
    [email protected]

    Tel.: (809) 687-6674
    Fax: (809) 565-6204

    The other hotel we stayed at there was Hotel Palacio, very close to Nicolas Nader. It was nice also, very colonial. You have a balcony here you can stand on, makes for some interesting sites, but it was located above a side street. We had a superior room $82.50 total per night, they have a standard room for about $68, Had a mini bar/fridge.
    There is a sunroof etc., not worth the walk up there to us tho They offer breakfast for $6.95 per person, we didn't take it tho.
    Offer laundry service, we used it, it was reasonable, they did a good job. Staff very friendly, but not all speak English, or well. They have a website, you could try emailing them, but I had no luck with a reply. I called them to make reservations.
    Email: [email protected]

    At first when we saw the area around these 2 hotels, which we had never seen before, we were worried we had chosen a wrong area, but after getting settled in and seeing and doing in the area, it convinced us that we had made a good choice, because the hotels were nice and the old sites we wanted to see, and El Conde Street to site see and shop and eat, were very close. We could zip in and out to do all this over and over, never worry about a taxi for that. But there are plenty available if you need them, always ask how much before you get in. Both hotels are good, I guess I would say that Hostal Nicolas Nader is a bit better than Hotel Palacio, with the room furnishings anyway. Either choice would be good, maybe Hotel Palacio was a bit overpriced. The bathroom at Palacio was very nice, surprising tho 2 downsides to it, there was no shower door, and you may have to yourself or ask the staff, to cover the small window in it, to keep people from across the street from peering in from their building. Neither of these hotels are glitz and glamour, but are nicely decorated, furnished and clean. No great view, but very convenient to alot places, some with views.

    Good luck with your trip.



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