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Thread: New map-guide highlights the Santiago-Puerto Plata Tourist Highway

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    Default New map-guide highlights the Santiago-Puerto Plata Tourist Highway

    La Ruta Panoramica Puerto Plata - Santiago... 30 kms de ¡pura naturaleza!
    Guía de Ruta gratis • Free Route Guide

    New map-guide highlights the Santiago-Puerto Plata Tourist Highway

    PUERTO PLATA - 20 DEC 2011— A new eco-tourism activity has emerged in Puerto Plata Province with the recent launch of a map-guide that promotes activities and points of interest along the Gregorio Luperon Tourist Highway, a scenic mountain road that connects the Puerto Plata coastal region with Santiago and the Cibao Valley

    “From ocean to mountains, enjoy 30 kms of “Pure Nature!” heralds the guide, while summarizing the services, attractions and activities available between La Cumbre and Gran Parada, including the amber mines in La Cumbre, the fertile coffee region of Pedro García and the sugarcane traditions of Montellano.

    Easy to use, the guide's information is ordered sequentially and correlates with a series of A-B-C etc marker signs installed every two kilometers along the highway. The signs were installed in conjunction with the initiation of the highway’s re-construction currently underway.

    The map-guide promotes day trips along this scenic mountain road to shop (organic produce, local cheese, yogurts, jams, exotic flowers in more than six different nurseries, handmade gifts and furniture); for adventure (zipline, hiking, cascading, horseback riding) and discovery (amber mines, the Mirabal Sisters monument, panoramic views). It also invites you to a novel opportunity, to enjoy an authentic Dominican lunch in selected private homes along the highway.

    The route guide is available in print along the route at selected points and can be downloaded free at

    This project was underwritten by the Japanese International Cooperation Agency in cooperation with the Ministry of Tourism and the Institute for Professional Formation (INFOTEP), as part of the TURISOPP project for rural tourism development in Puerto Plata Province through private - public sector cooperation. It is an initiative of the Municipal Unit for Cultural Heritage (UMPC) of Montellano - Yasica Arriba - Pedro García, an NGO constituted to create frameworks for the development and co-management of eco-tourism and cultural activities that contribute to sustainable growth for the region. It coincides with the efforts of US-AID and the Puerto Plata Tourism Cluster to reform the identity of Puerto Plata as a tourism destination.


    Download publishable photos and graphics: SVP CREDITO PARA:

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    Very nice brochure ! We have been to the Dom Rep about 10 times but pretty much stay in Costambar. This sounds like a very easy day trip, even for me - a reluctant driver when I am there ! I am VERY interested in trying out some of the different places to eat. If you are involved in this program, perhaps you could suggest a "Foodie" Tour. Also, they need an email address.
    THANKS ! I will DEFINITELY be doing this one way or another when I come down in March !

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