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Thread: Transportation to other area's from Bavaro

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    Default Transportation to other area's from Bavaro

    Flying into Punta Cana Airport and wanted to take public transportation to the Samana peninsula. I've never been to the DR and I'm wondering if it's easy enough to get a bus to the Samana Peninsula from the Punta Cana area (show up at bus station that day & get one.....will be there mid-March) Is getting from the Punta Cana area to the north going to require going south to Santa Domingo? The maps I've seen don't show roads going thru the Parque Nacional Los Haitses.

    Also, I know March is a popular time for tourists, so I'm assuming that it's best to make reservations for places to stay before we it completely out of the question that you could get a room (Not AI resorts) in the Punta Cana area, Bayahibe or Samana peninsula towns in March when you just arrive in town? (I'm more of a backpacker than vacationer, but I can be a planner if I must!)

    Thanks for any info or suggestions.

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    Public transportation only exists from Punta Cana to Santo Domingo then north east to the Samana peninsula.

    Another option is to fly.

    Regular Flights in the Dominican Republic

    Punta Cana (PUJ) - El Portillo (EPS) (= airport close to Las Terreanas)
    Punta Cana (PUJ) to El Portillo (EPS) = daily at 03:00 pm for U$ 159.00

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    If you are an "adventurer" here is a "backpacking" trip:

    Take bus from Bavaro to Higuey. For more comfort take air-conditioned express bus that leaves every hour.
    Take bus from Higuey to Hato Mayor. For more comfort take air-conditioned express bus that leaves every two hours.
    Take local bus from Hato Mayor to Savana de la Mar.
    Take a ferry from Savana de la Mar to Samana.

    Time-wise, it's the same thing going Bavaro - Santo Domingo - Samanas as going the trek listed above.
    If you want more comfort, go via Santo Domingo (express bus Bavaro - Sto. Dgo, and Caribe Tours SD - Samana) or fly. If you want an "adventure" and hitting it like a local, then do the trek above. If you miss a ferry in Savana de la Mar (see departure times here - Transportation - Page 2) then you can stay overnight in a small city hotel (roughly RD$500 per night per room).


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