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Thread: Ilso went on a trip to perdenales and barahona in april 17th

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    Default Ilso went on a trip to perdenales and barahona in april 17th

    Here are the good and the bad of my trip. Getting to barahona was pretty easy. Nice road very little pot holes maybe like 3 or 4. But, don't look to close to the sides of the road,..lots of garbage!!!!,... on the side of the road , I have never seen so much, I travel around the island and that has to be the most trash I have ever seen by the road. If you look pass the garbage well,... beautiful scenery.

    Stayed at Costa larimar, nice hotel but the beach is not great, but they had a nice pool. Buffet in the morning was ok and the food at night also, nothing to write home about.
    Left for Lago enriquillo, telling you now,..NOT WORTH THE TRIP, save your gas and your time. You will have the same experience going to laguna oveido (sorry ,..spelling not quite right). Went to one of the natural pools, people where soaping themselfs, using it as a bathtube, the water was only 3 feet deep and I could not see the bottom, did not stay there long.

    Came back went to hotel Playazul beautiful place, food was awful, really bad, but the room and view is nice.
    The beach you can't swim in really rough, lots of garbage washed up on shore. Good for picking rocks with my daughter. She liked the peacocks and the kittens they had at the hotel.

    Next day went to patos, that was a nice place, I could see the bottom,. stoped about 1 hour then left to perdenales. The road from the hotel to laguna oviedo
    is really bad,drive carefully. But right after that the road is very very nice. lots of road bumps,... whatever you call those, in the begining of a town and at the end, not well marked sometimes.Beautiful scenery of the coast.

    I also stayed at don chavez, really cute hotel and nice people. Left for bahia and cabo rojo. Bahia well awsome, I could go there every day. Those little private beaches the boat can take you too, are so nice,.. you can dive of the rocks or snorkle.

    Stayed one more day at don chavez and went back to the capital. We stoped at san rafeal, they have a natural pool, now that was nice. They have two one on top and another at the bottom of the road that spills in the ocean. It's good to bring some swimming shoes on this trip, because of the rocks, at some of the natural pools. Stayed there for 3 hours then left for the capital.

    Would do this trip again,.. but without the lago enriquillo.
    I have the driving times written down somewhere,.. if anybody is interested in that let me know.

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    Wow.. when you come back skip Costa Larimar, and Playa Azul.. Stay at El Quiemito. Less money, more value, clean, more modern, and the beach is clean. You mentioned your daughter.. it's a lot calmer than San Rafael, and Los Patos.

    Bathing in the natural springs is common here. A bar a soap, shampoo, conditioner, and your towel. People like to stay cool and clean .. Maybe that's just a south thing? Me and my kids do it too.. we've "adjusted" well.. lol

    I agree about Lago Enriquillio. Never been one of my favorite places.. Some other things you might want to check out would be Polo Magnetico, The hot Sulfar Spring, Larimar mines, etc.. Love it here!



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