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    Default Alberto Anoensi meeting minutes Second meeting information

    Investors...20 people showed up for the meeting. One man left befor the end of the meeting. First we have set up a meeting with Alberto in his office on Thursday 6-21-2012 at 10 AM. He is going to have detail print outs of the audit and other papers. We are going to place a man in the office with Alberto to help him with the bussiness. We already have the man who will be doing this. If Alberto refuses, we have talked with lawyers who will force Alberto to allow this man in the offce. If nessissary we will conntact the reporter again and she will launch the investigation into Albertos [ our ] bussiness. Last we will file a law suit. I hope all who can come to the next meeting will. The more investors we have the better rhe chance of gettng our money.

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    If you haven't emailed or PM'd me and post in this thread, your DR1 account will be erased or you be banned for months, take your pick.

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