Count us in was the message of the Press Conference recently held at The Meeting Place in Puerto Plata. The feeling is that the economic, social and touristic investments seasonal and long-time non-dominican residents have made has not been fully recognized in the general plans of development in the region. On Saturday, February 2, 2013 at 3:00 PM,(calle Juan Bosch #60, Puerto Plata) we will have a further opportunity to learn and express our views about developments in this area as The Meeting Place will host an Open Forum about the proposed plans and ideas…or the lack of them…that the Puerto Plata region has for the projected increase in tourism generated by the Carnaval Cruise company’s new port in Maimon. Representatives of theMaimon consultative board and of the Cluster will provide insight into and give concrete examples of the plans that local and national governments and the private sector are working on. (The “Clúster de Puerto Plata” is a non-governmental organization that is comprised of interested parties in the tourism industry that promotes advances and improvements in tourism in our region and has received a special mandate to develop and manage tourist reception plans.) Come hear what is happening, let the planners know what you think should be happening, and take this opportunity to contribute to development in this area. For further information check the website Meeting Place Puerto Plata