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    Can anyone tell me a little about Las Terrenas? Is there a beach there and can you swim a fair distance out? Is there any night life? Where? What about an inexpensive, clean, safe hotel or guest house, not far from the beach? Thank you.

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    Check out the link below for information about Las Terrenas and the surrounding Samana Peninsula. In addition to the Attractions and Accommodations sections, be sure and check out the Las Terrenas Visitors Guide. Have fun.

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    Las Terrenas is beautiful! Be sure to check El Limon
    waterfal - you will find plenty of guides around the town.
    The beach is nice, the night life is quite extensive for a small
    town, since the area is a very popular vacation destination for
    Europeans, especially French.
    Las Palmeras Hotel (do not confuse with Las Palmas)is a very
    clean affordable place, with a true Dominican hospitality.

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    and casa nina in las terrenas very nice 3 feet on the beach try the havana cafe restaurant realy good!!for the nigth life take a book in your room and read don't have nothing to do!!

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    Las Terrenas is a beautiful place. The ride there from Puerto Plata is breathtaking in the last 10 miles. I hope you're not afraid of heights. Any good taxi or bus should make it no problem.

    I stayed at the Los Pinos which was fun, if a bit rustic. Very European and a great chef, and hostess. Cost was around $40 US per night.

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    Prof. Tiberius Mineola

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    I've visited Las Terrenas 4 - 6 - 8 times. In my opinion, the most beautiful town & beaches in La Republica. A strong European [French, German, & Italian] flavor; very different from the more common American & Canadian tour centers. Very nice restaruants. A bit of a crime problem at night; be cautious. At night a pleasant Calle Principal with bars, discos, & restaurants; during the day it's a zoo of near total chaos. Samana, @ a 1 hour drive by car or guagua, is also pleasant, but noticeably different from Las Terrenas. Enjoy.

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    Default what's the kitesurfing scene like? *DC*

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    las terrenas is a great place to spend a couple of days or a lifetime. you find some small hotels mostly along the beach, but you are always close to town with lots of local shops, restaurants and bars. it’s mixtures of local people and foreigners from france, italy and germany.

    at night there you have many options. nuevo mundo is the dance floor for tourist and female locals with merengue, bachata and international music. next you find cafe latina with only latin music, on the beach there are places like paco (close to the cemetry) with local or international live music on weekends. here you can dance away the night right on the beach.

    i stayed there in hotel diny...just at the beach...and close to the police can call them 809 240 6113..they speak a lil bit of ingles over there. the price range from 10 – 20 usd.

    take a moto or the gua-gua for day trips to samaná, el limón or sanchez. or walk along the beach to the awesome playa bonita. but always keep your pace. walk like the dominicans...slowly and always in the shade.



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