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    Default Need a driver in POP recommendation

    Can anyone recommend a driver (instead of a taxi) that I could use next Monday for about 4 hours and 2-3 other times during next week for about 3 hours each time. All of the driving would be with 10 miles, no more, of Playa Dorado.

    I will be with 2 other ppl and there is no need for him to speak English...if that is a consideration.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    The taxi mafia in the Playa Dorada is likely to "not be amused" by an outside driver picking up passengers there. I was with the driver of Mustard Seed once time picking up some visitors who were planning to go to home, and the PD taxi drivers pounded on the sides of the car because they were angry that they were losing a fare. Just a warning...

    My driver is with a local taxi company and much more reasonable than PD ones, but he cannot enter the PD to pick up passengers. He can, however, pick up at the gates and enter to drop off passengers.

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    Default Not all are equal!

    I know what you mean LaProfe.
    I often use a driver who has a "carnet de syndicato de turismo" so there is no problem with the "taxi mafia".

    Johne...Sent you a PM ... probably several, as my internet connection was going up and down so much.



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