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Thread: Silver Cable signal interruption.

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    Default Silver Cable signal interruption.

    Have any of the subscribers to Silver Cable service in the Punta Cana - Bavaro areas been experiencing interruption of the cable signal over the past few weeks ? It is a cycle of every 5 - 6 seconds of signal interruption creating a snow image and irritating audio to match. It happens mostly during normal business hours with the aberration abating during the evening hours. Suspect it is some RF or electromagnet force and need to find the source.

    PJT has notified Silver Cable of the problem.

    If you have this sympton please advise your location to assist finding the location of the offender.



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    Good luck with finding RF interference. I had a problem with a Claro/codetel line caused by some Electrical interference (line /Internet was perfect when LUZ de la calle was out, and $h!tty when the LUZ was on). It looks like the wire for my line was "peeled" at some point (inside the big thick black cable that Codetel uses) and was getting hit by RF/electromagnetic interference. After 3 months, and zillion reports, and having the Regional Claro director supervise the case, I had gotten the line problem finally resolved and changed to a different pair. The "offending pair" will now belong to somebody else but it's still there, will still have interference.


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