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    Default Want to buy Nook reader in DR.

    Does anybody know if Nook is available in DR?
    I need to buy Nook since we had little accident last night. It decided to jump off the dining table so it has cracked screen and it drank my son's apple juice. I am drying it off to see if it atleast turn on but I doubt it will. If I can, I want to buy here without waiting forever for it. Anybody seen Nook or Kindle being sold in Santiago or nearby city?


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    Consider this: get an Android tablet. Download the nook reader and Kindle reader.

    But watchout for some older Android tablets that cannot run those. I had that experience lickily I was in the US and returns were easy.

    Lenovo makes some nice and inexpensive tablets.

    If you find a source in Santiago let me know.


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