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    Default "Starting young?" Thoughts of living in DR...

    I don't believe this is a subject that has been talked about much on this board. Probably because the majority of the posters are a little older.

    I would like to know what everyone thinks about a young person coming to live in the DR. I haven't made any decision to come and live there yet, but have been considering the pros and cons of trying to get by in the DR.

    For anyone who doesn't know, I've been posting and reading on this board for almost a year now. I'm not some kid who took a trip to a Punta Cana all-inclusive hotel and decided I want to live there. I'm a 20 yr old Minnesotan. I've been to various parts of the DR on three different trips. I am Spanish-speaking. I went to college for a year.(No Degree yet) And I am extremely tired of Minnesota. I have lived here all 20 yrs, and I still can't get used to the cold.

    I am aware of the corruption, the lies, the scams, and general lack of trust associated with the DR. I am also aware of the fact that these problems can be twice as hard for a young foreigner like myself. Aun asi, I have thought this out for the last year, and am seriously considering living there. I am working two jobs right now, and living rent-free with my parents. My goal is to save up a decent sum of money, come down to the DR, and HIDE EVERY LAST PENNY! hehe! I'm no sucker. I have a pretty good idea about the cost of living, so I am figuring to bring enough for a year's worth of rent/food, plus a little extra. I believe that within a year, I could find some way to earn some money. If not, I'll get on a plane and go home. I realize there are many more things to consider, but this is my basic idea.

    As for my reasons for wanting to come to the DR, its difficult to explain. No, its not a girl, even though there is a great one waiting for me. I pretty much love what many people dislike about the DR. I love the fact that there is loud music everywhere you go. The "odd" comfort that comes with disorganization, unprofessionalism, and general chaos.(mind you, these are extreme generalizations) and most of all, "EL CALOR!"
    God bless all Carribean islands!

    Anyways, I'm a young, level-headed guy who has always done things a little differently, and coincidentally been happy.

    I would love to hear comments from everyone!

    Thanks, Justin

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    Default Re: "Starting young?" Thoughts of living in DR...

    The DR is a beautiful place to live, I have been travelling there for over two years and lived there for a few months, I am from Thunder Bay, and I totally understand about not getting used to the cold, it is good that you are in school, finish that first then go off and try out the DR to live, it is better to do and regret than to regret not to do. I am 23 and am trying to go back January to live again for a while in Puerto Plata, best of luck to you, but the best thing is finish school first!!! massei

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    Default *** Just Do It! ***

    I went to live in Brazil at 21 and never looked back...


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    Default Re: "Starting young?" Thoughts of living in DR...

    Massei, you are from Thunder Bay? Hahaha, I was there once and I TRULY understand why you left! And I was there in the summertime...

    Justin, I agree with DR1: DO IT!!! Finish school, get you degree and then just go! I am 45 and not until now am I considering a move like that. The first time I had the guts to leave Sweden for work elsewhere was 1996, the year I turned 40. I feel I have waste so much time, missed out on so many opportunities... But you are young, you can afford to try things out, meet people, learn from your own and others experiences. But Justin, one piece of advise, wait a while with getting hooked up to a lady, having kids and stuff. There is plenty of time for that! Believe me! Remember that old saying: "Go west, young man!" Well, I say to you: "Go south, young man!"

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    Default Re: "Starting young?" Thoughts of living in DR...

    Yo Justin!

    I've been postin' an' readin' stuff on DR1 2 months now.
    Know what??? I'm gonna go an' live there 2!!!
    I'm 24 from Albania, English teacher (degree in English). I mean, got no many things to lose, but never been abroad to work before. So, it could harm my savings, distance is 2 long 2.
    But I decided to leave all, with the difference that, in case I fail, would be no-that-good "welcome home my boy", no cheap-fly rates waiting for me, and the girl waiting for me lives in Albania...

    I'm settin' off next week, Thursday 15, I think, in Santo Domingo. Hoo more than me is lookin' 4 frienz 2 talk, help, work, share rooms and others?

    You did the good choice, though it is me that should have asked a guy like you on this topic. An' remember, we love our lives in the same levels...

    Drop me a line, man. See u.


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    Default Re: "Starting young?" Thoughts of living in DR...

    At your age you have nothing to lose. 20 yrs. old is the best time for adventure. You might even avoid a mid-life crisis later on. Just don't burn your bridges and never say never. Good luck!

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    Stephen Hadley

    Default Re: "Starting young?" Thoughts of living in DR...

    I gotta hop in and say finish school first, then DO IT...

    if you dont finish shool, you will be burning some bridges

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    Default Re: "Starting young?" Thoughts of living in DR...

    I would say. Go for it! Nothing ventured nothing gained. I did several years ago and only wish I had done it when I was younger.

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    Default Burning bridges...................

    Speaking of burning bridges, I have mentioned this idea of moving to my 2 best friends. They basically told me to do what I gotta do, but that it would cause a lot of hard feelings on their part.

    I have tried to ignore that comment of theirs, because I believe eventually they will understand that I have to live my own life. Everyone has to live their own life. They just aren't ready for the idea of everyone having a life of their own, and not hanging out every Friday night. It'll be different.

    As for school, I have many mixed thoughts on the subject. I have been considering finishing here in MN, or maybe studying in Santo Domingo. Is it possible for me to study in the DR without it being a "study-abroad?" ....more like I'm just another Dominican student or something like that.

    Thanks for all the responses so far. They are much appreciated.

    Thanks all, Justin

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    Default Re: you would fit in just fine, COME!! *DC*

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