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    Default Puerto plata vs. Jarabacoa (my views)

    For people who would be visiting DR in the upcoming days:
    The north coast (Puerto Plata) seems like a ghost town. I was there on the long weekend (Monday), it seemed empty and deserted as Kabul in the current days (except without attack warning sirens). Restaurants were empty and people with blank faces, without smiles. I was sad to see a city that I loved so much die so quickly over a short period of time. My friend, a restaurant owner, is desperately trying to sell his business to get away from the daily struggle to simply stay afloat. No buyers, just like no clients; empty tables and chairs.
    I wonder how long this will last or better yet, can it get any worse?
    On the other hand, new arrivals should explore other locations on this island. I was also in Jarabacoa on Sunday of the same weekend. It was full of life (as always on the long weekends). We went to a river for a quick swim (sorry, forgot the name) and then simply drove around to appreciate the beauty of the mountains and the tranquility the region has to offer. Jarabacoa is the home to white water rafting and to some of the most exotic waterfalls in this country. Its located just 45 minutes away from Santiago (up in the mountains).
    For single men: you would find more pretty girls in one day than you would see in your whole vacation in DR. They are all sweet and inviting. Don’t be afraid to talk to them; they would be more than willing to have a nice conversation with you and perhaps, may become your personal tour guide for the day. Just be respectful and friendly.
    There are many small cabaña type hotels where you can stay the night for about 400 pesos and above. The food is good and the weather is always spring-like.
    Do visit the park in the center of the city at night. That is where all the action is.
    Have fun

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    Prof. Tiberius Mineola

    Default Re: Puerto Plata improving??

    I agree with almost all that AZB has written, based also on my personal observations.
    However, this week I've noticed in the downtown of POP many more tourists. Crowded? No. But at least active; many seem to be not only looking, but spending. The restaurants? Still nearly completely empty. I fear that many won't survive this winter season. Yet, 2 new hotels have opened & 1 is near completion! Why? So sad. Thank you, Osama Bin Laden!!

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    Default Re: Puerto plata vs. Jarabacoa (my views)

    Hi AZB
    I travel a lot and usually spend my winters away from my home in FLorida. I thought it might be fun to spend 2 or 3 months in DR. I've been there...years cursing myself for not buying property. Do you happen to know where I might find a small apartment in a place that's full of life, yet peaceful--perhaps a community of natives and Americans...specifically writers, but not all THAT important?
    Email me please if you have any brilliant ideas. On Nov 25, I'm taking a break and cruising with my daughter to Casa de Campo, but will be in port only a few hours.


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