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    AMET agent returns cash

    According to the Metropolitan Transport Authority (AMET), a corporal working for traffic enforcement agency has returned to its owner an envelope containing RD$100,000 in cash that was found on the street by the AMET officer.

    The director of AMET, Juan Geronimo Brown Perez said that Corporal Jose de los Santos will be recognized for his honesty and upstanding behavior.

    The owner of the money is Horacio R. Alvarez, an officer at the Center for Exports and Investment in the Dominican Republic (CEI-RD).

    De los Santos found the money on Romulo Betancourt Avenue at the corner with Privada, in Santo Domingo, a short time after Alvarez had left his vehicle to go into another bank branch to pay a credit card bill.

    Agent de los Santos refused a reward saying that it was part of his job and his commitment to serving the public.

    Alvarez informed the director of AMET of Corporal de los Santos' good, highlighting that there are still honorable people in the country who should be recognized as such and that this type of behavior should not remain anonymous.


    Why my eyebrows go up when I read this......

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    There is already a thread on this. And of course there are many honest public servants but unfortunately they get over shadowed by the corrupt.

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    I think there could be more to the story... Alvarez had $2500$US from where? 3+ months salary?


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