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    Default You just gotta love this country

    Hot off the presses of the Sosua News. The DR is issuing new "fraud proof cedulas" to the Dominican people. The new cedulas "make falsification impossible". Now that is throwing down the gauntlet to the Dominican document forging industry. The new cedulas are "free to the public" "The issuing of new cedulas to foreigners will be discussed in the next months" In an unusual showing of a sense of humor the Sosua News goes on with "wether or not these documents also apply to foreighners, is not yet clear. "For free it will probably not be".

    I would be willing to wager that as i type this somewhere in the DR is an expert document forger working to crack these fraud proof cedulas and be the first to offer them for sale.

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    As a foreigner a fake cedula will help me how???


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