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    Default We need this lady in the DR!!!!!!

    Mango season is coming up and one can notice the increase of flies already. The DR has more flies than any other country I have ever been to. They should have this lady here

    There are no flies on her! Chinese pensioner who has spent eight hours a day, seven days a week for the past 14 years swatting bugs... and kills up to 1,000 a day
    Ruan Tang hailed as a 'fly killing specialist' by her neighbours
    Woman from Hangzhou City, east China, kills up to 1,000 flies a day
    80-year-old is now being praised for her dedication by Chinese media

    Read more: 80 year old Chinese woman has been swatting flies daily for 14 YEARS | Mail Online
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    1k flies a day?! talk about a needle in a haystack.

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    Not in the DR!
    The "FLY" is the "National Insect" of the DR!
    That's why they throw their garbage in the streets, and everywhere else, to feed their "National Insect"!
    Now let's wait for the "DR Spin Doctors" to try and tell us that,"Demonicans" never throw their garbage in the streets!


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