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    Me and the wife where in line at SDQ leaving the country. Ahead of us were our friends we vacation with when all of the sudden Aduanas take them out of line and escort them ahead of everyone else. ( Case of mistaken identity)
    Anyway, the Dominican in front of us thinks they are getting "special treatment" and proceeds to get very vocal. The look the two uniformed girls gave him was priceless...which made him angrier. Then he proceeds to say the words that sum up what is the DR.

    "El Dominicano solo hacen las cosas bien por equivocacion!!!"

    Translation: Dominicans only do things right by mistake.

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    So true it is funny.


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    When Im going to travel Im always 3 hrs before, first in line and go str8 inside, so give time to them to ask me and check all that they want because they do the same to me every time I travel.

    I mustly travel using PUJ airport, sometimes LRM, and all the time when Im scanning the shoes and bagpack, while Im putting on my shoes always come some one from DNCD to ask me, a lot questions. One time in LRM they took me to the small room to open my suitcase and more questions.

    They way back home to Dominican Im the only black in line and they call me also all the time to scan my suitcase, and more questions, some of them even without check my passport asked me if I was Colombian, and another one asked me If I came back from Colombia.


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