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    Default Religion Enroute to, and in Higuey

    I had two interesting religious experiences yesterday. Interesting in itself is the amount of religious music in the mainstream, but more interesting was when my bus into Higuey played religious hip-hop/rap. Now maybe this is not unique to the DR and DR religious music, and maybe I never heard it back in the states for any of many reasons (I have no doubt it exists); but, it was interesting to me nevertheless. In addition to the surprise of hearing religious hip-hop, the amount of religious music in the mainstream is also intriguing.

    In the second case, it happened that my trip to Higuey was in part religion too (the other was business). The business was near La Basilica de Altagracia in Higuey and was done early. As planned, I sauntered into the Basilica museum afterwards. The experience was emotional, spiritual, and educational. While raised in the Catholic tradition I am not a pious man and so the piety of many Dominicans, particularly as demonstrated in their “promesas” (promises to the Virgin), and as represented richly in the museum, served as a powerful counterpoint.

    The museum depicted la promesa as a gift that Dominicans bring to the Basilica from all reaches of the World, many times under duress and sacrifice, to ask and/or to give thanks for blessings. These are predominantly manifested as wax (cera) figurines, body parts, or other objects that represent the subject in prayer. Another gift form is a small silver piece molded and crafted to represent the worshipper’s desire. Amongst the many other colorful themes in the museum, these most stood out to me and were appropriately allocated a full exhibition room therein.

    I disclose that I don’t go to Church on Sundays, on religious holidays, nor, etc. I do, however, respect and try to live a balanced life. As a result, I hope this post adds a measure of balance to our view of the Dominican people, they who represent a culture deeply steeped in religion/morality.

    Note: I didn’t say enough about the total museum. It is clean and professionally/meticulously run and cared for. Suffice to say, it is well-worth a visit (200RD).
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    Interesting and it confirms an ever stregthening belief forming in my mind although I include protestants in this.

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