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    Alas, DominicanBilly has returned to his native Canada after living in Puerta Plata for more than 20 years. Failing health and the lure of the Canadian health care system were more than he could resist. I, for one, will miss him greatly. His sage advice on all things Dominican to his naive visiting friends was always on point. "No, that girl does not really love you." "Yes, Dominicans are nice people but they're being particually nice to you because they think you have money." "Yes, you can drink and drive but don't talk on your cell phone." "Yes, these beautiful women who wouldn't look twice at you in your home country are available to you here." These things and many more are all Dominican 101 for the posters on this board but they had to be learned and re-learned by the many friends he hosted on the North Coast. He always knew the good restaurants, the in discos, the secluded beaches and, most importantly, the nice Dominicans. As bundle of energy I'm sure some locals will miss "Beeely" as they called him when he was toddling around PP in his beat up van. I'm sure the bar and restaurant owners will miss him bringing in groups of visitors when they were the only people in the place. This is not an obituary, his intention is to return to his beloved PP but only as a vacationer from the cold north. I just thought this Dominican story should be noted as Billy was contributer to this board for many years, and, as usual, he didn't post to argue or to forment disagreement but to offer his priceless Dominican insights.
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    I will miss him too. He helped me out more than once and one time was with the police when I first got on island many years ago.. Please tell him Just a rebel wishes him well if you see him. He will know the name. Thanks for posting this information.

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