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    Default Question For Alter Ego

    May I respectfully ask why you deleted the thread "Is DR1 Now All 'Off Topic'"?

    The post were all on point, there was no abusive language, no name calling, just an expression of the concern many of us have about threads that are of interest relative to matters related to the Dominican Republic being hijacked and allowed to continue off topic for days and days with, as one of the respondents to the thread said, nothing but blah, blah, blah.

    Again, with all due respect, I believe that closing a thread that enabled many members to express their concern, and saying that threads like this don't help anything is an abuse of the moderator's discretion. DR1 should be willing to hear what the members have to say, even if causes some to feel defensive.

    I personally believe that it is helpful to DR1 to give posters the chance to speak on this subject and to feel that they are being listened to. The thread was intended to help,not hurt.

    In regards to your point about moderators not being at the computer 24/7, I don't think anyone expects that.

    If, instead of closing the thread, you had explained that moderators are not at the computer 24/7 and asked how else can we work together to solve this problem, I am sure you would have been told that nobody expects moderators to be at their computer 24/7, and perhaps what might be done would be for the moderators, perhaps once a day, to do house cleaning and delete all the posts that are off topic. I think if this were done a few times those who are hijacking the threads would get the message and the rest of us would feel our concerns have been heard.

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    Ken, it is always a better idea to "PM" the MOD when you have a question re a Thread, or a post, that has been "Closed" or "Deleted"!
    Re starting a thread that has been closed by a MOD,, and then Posting your grievance in that new thread puts the MOD in the ackwerd position of justifying their decision, and I for one, won't do that!
    I speak ONLY for myself, and I can count the threads I have closed on one hand, and I don't have to take off my shoes and socks to count the # of posts I have ever deleted!

    If the pay wasn't so great I would quit!


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    Well Ken, I didn't see your name on the list of people who volunteered to be moderators recently. Why is that, if you have so many ideas on how DR1 should be run?

    And I agree 100% with every word of CC's response.

    Today I spent a lovely day at the bridal shower of my future daughter-in-law. In the six or so hours that I was away from home, all hell broke loose in a couple of threads, one which I moderate. Popping in once a day to "clean up" doesn't cut it on days like this.

    If you feel I've abused my position as a moderator, please take it up with Robert, he's the boss.

    P.S. Your original thread was not deleted. It was closed, big difference.



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