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Thread: Observation from the Frontier : ? Seen everthing ?

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    Cool Observation from the Frontier : ? Seen everthing ?

    Thought I had seen about everything on the Frontier until now. Was in Barahona recently on one of my weekly trips to the " Big City " and came across a " image from my past ". Sitting under a canopy at the Texaco station was a vintage 1956 4 door Chevrolet. Original two tone blue paint scheme and in what looks like excellent shape. Except for having the two tone paint and the 4 doors it brought me back to one of my first cars, the one I went off to college in back in 1964. Mine was a solid blue 2 door that my father helped me buy to go off to school at the University of Arizona in Tucson. Great memories of that car, especially its back seat.

    Unfortunately in my sophomore year a friend of mine and I tried to go skiing up on Mt. Lemon outside of Tucson early one early !!!!. When we got up onto the mountain we hit a shaded spot on a downhill stretch of the winding road. The road was iced over and there was no way to break the car which started sliding about. Back and forth across the road we went and eventually into a series of 360's in the middle of the road. When I finally got it straighten out we were coming up to a sharp left hand turn in the road with a drop off on the right. We knew it was going to over the side so we opened the doors and prepared to jump...just before it did the car slid into a snow bank, hitting a hidden guard rail that stopped the slide just enough for us to bail out safely. Unfortunately the same can not be said for the car...the 150 foot drop did it in. My father was ****ed but glad I was alive. !!

    Good memories never the less !!

    kFrancisco de Cabral

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    Nice story. Also, you went off to college when I was born, makes it a better story.


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