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Thread: Punta Cana vs. Boca Chica.

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    Default Punta Cana vs. Boca Chica.

    I just came back from PC and in my way back I stopped for few mins.(I couldnt stay more than 5 mins.) in Boca chica just to check by myself why some people in this board insist in recommend this place to anybody looking for a good place for spring break.
    True that punta cana still does not have city, but why do you need a city if any resort is bigger than the whole Boca chica town.
    Resorts in PC has anything to offer. good food, quality drinks, good atmosphere (lot of upper class latins and dominicans, what makes the difference), great beaches without vendors, great night life (best dance clubs in the country).
    and again lots of singles and young college students from all over.
    the most important thing: you will find a lot of pleople to have a good conversation.
    Boca chica. a very poor and dirty town for losers, drogadict, prostitutes, sanky panky. very low class tourists from canada and europe (not class at all), you will be lucky if you meet any fine latin, dominican or american there.
    people in BC are rude. 99.9% of girls are prostitutes, most of them HIV infected. there is not dance club. just 2 or 3 bars where you can't take a drink without being molested by at least 10 whores and a couple of guys selling you drugs.
    I had never find anybody to talk with. people just talk about sex 24 hours.
    there are many places besides PC. Cabarete and Sosua are great, lot of fun for singles.
    Boca chica is the only place in DR that I will never recommend to anybody.

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    Default Re: Punta Cana vs. Boca Chica.

    Amazing, you found a lot of things in just 5 minutes.

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    Default Re: Punta Cana vs. Boca Chica.

    John....What a biased an totally unbelievable report!!! First of all I have lots of friends in Boca Chica, who are not low class! You say it's a town for losers? For someone to put a whole town in that catorgory in 5 minutes, needs some professional help...You say all the Canadien tourists there are "low class" and the ones from Europe have "no Class". You also say you won't find any fine Americans or Latin people there??? John how do you know that most of the "whores" are HIV found this out in the 5 minutes you were there? Two or three night clubs???.....obviosly you cannot find your way around a place and find out where clubs are....even in a small village like Boca sound like the type that would have a hard time finding a ride in Disney land!! You also said you could'nt find anyone to talk to....well I can believe problem there....with you attitude, I would be surprised if you could find someone willing to sell you an Orange in Santo Domingo!You also found out that all people want to do is talk about sex 24 hours a day....this you found out in 5 minutes as you watch 60 Minutes in 35 seconds??? Boca Chica is the only place in the DR you would'nt recommend to anybody....well that just shows how limited your knowledge of the DR really is.....All this bull**** aside John, Boca Chica is a fine place for certain types of people, and so is Punta Cana, I've also been to both places. I know many, many friends who have been to Boca Chica and return time after time, not only for the great beach, but also for the many good resturants(I'm not saying the best on the Island, but Terrazza Quebec,Da Nancy,Neptunos, Cafe Colonial,Portifinos and many many more are your run of the mill good resturants that I would recommend to anyone for a decent meal out at a decent price)and tne many fine people that live and work there. You are giving the place a name it don't deserve,I've been to many resturants in San Pedro De Macories,that would not come close to Boca Chicas worst, and I've been to bars around here in my home town, that are dirtier and have more shady characters than Boca Chicas ever seen.

    Why people have to make posts like this, that anyone can obviously tell that the poster has absolutly NO idea of what they are talking about is beyond me!

    John get a grip!!!!!

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    "The Tourist Watcher"

    Default Re: The Boca Chica high class


    Although Boca Chica, mainly the main town off the beach, has some seedy neighborhoods, the beachfront area is of prohibitive value in terms of real estate. Just to give you an idea, an empty lot right across from the Pelicano Restaurant on Prol. Calle Duarte was selling for US$800,000! The houses on that row are all mansions with beachfronts exclusively for the very rich high class of DR.

    The restaurants in that street, Neptunos, Pelicano, and Boca Marina require advance reservation and are frequented by the high society of Santo Domingo. You visit Neptuno for instance on a Saturday for lunch and any car parked outside will cost over $US50,000.

    Hotel Coral Hamaca in the same street is among the most expensive of the all-inclusives in DR. It rarely has low occupancy. It has a fine disco(OLAS) and very nice people. The same is true of Don Juan Hotel and other smaller resort places by the beach.

    Not too far from there in Juan Dolio, some of the big names in DR including President Hipolito Mejia, Anthony Hache and others have their vacation homes there.

    True, Boca Chica is not Punta Cana. But BC is only minutes away from Santo Domingo and if you stick to the right places and have a full wallet, you can get exclusive attention. In fact, at Neptuno, you can jump from your table to the beach and take a swim without any vendors or husslers. You can also arrive there in your boat, jump in the water and walk from the beach!!! not from the street, into the restaurant.


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    Default Re: Punta Cana vs. Boca Chica.

    All that in 5 minutes!
    Some people have that special gift, they always find people they deserve.

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    Default TW

    what you say is right. i know very well that area. I have some friends that live in that area and sometimes i visit them. i had been in pelicanos and Neptuno. good food, but nothing special.
    But, this is not the boca chica we are talking about, and you know that. these people who live in this houses will never go to the real boca chica, the one for tourists. neither will hang out at night on those bars.
    i'd been in the hamaca one time and that place really sucks. beach also is not great as many of your think.

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    Default Re: TW

    John, the airport is not far from there, why don,t you get on a plane and leave. Go to back to " open crotch Arkansas" or where ever you are from. Parjaps your home town is full of "high class" people, with out a single hooker on the street corner.

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    Default Scaramooch

    well, you dont know me. I am 100% dominican and I used to go to Boca chica when it was a nice place to hang out. i feel bad when i see how this town is being deteriorated in last years.
    i am not a high class like you say. i am not even rich. i am a young profesional (the best in my area in the country)who has the opportunity to study abroad not because I come from a rich family, but because of my intelligence.
    If you think that boca chica is a nice and interesting town, please tell me when was the last time you met some girls from PUCMM or UNPHU hanging out in bars in BC.

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    Default Re: Scaramooch

    well, you dont know me. I am 100% cybernautican, you should stay in Pedernales and continue to build your professional career where no one can see or hear your line of Crap.

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    Default Hey John...wake up!

    Most any woman in the Dominican Republic is available for a price. Especially if they seek passage to the US. Even the ones you mention.

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