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Thread: Punta Cana vs. Boca Chica.

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    "The Tourist Watcher"

    Default Re: John, why contradict yourself?

    John: You say that Santo Domingo is a world class city, yet the architecture, by your own standards does not exist. You say the hi-rises along Anacaona Avenue are fake and overvalued, yet you also say you live there. So I guess you overpaid!!!

    How do you overvalue something? The price of an item or property is determined by the market. People who buy condos at Anacaona Avenue feel they have paid a fair price. Why dont you? Why is the land in Mexico City, a sinking city with no air to breath and an earthquake fault itself, anymore valuable than land in our city? Why dont you move to Mexico? Let me tell you that Anacaona Avenue is the type of avenue that would fit right in with any major city in the world and would be very expensive anywhere. Everytime I drive thru it it reminds me of Hollywood Blvd. in Chicago, a pretty chic avenue by the Lakefront and it has one of the worlds best known celebrities, Sammy Sosa.

    You also dont like the wall at the Hamaca that separates the riff raff from the private people. Yet, you dislike whores and tigueres from Boca Chica. Or was it perhaps that you want to stay in the side of the tigueres? Which is it John?

    Be consistent.


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    Default Some lakes are greater than others

    Lake Erie has cleaned its act up since the 1960's when it was yucky. Now it produces more fish harvest for human consumption than the other 4 lakes combined.

    Because of the infamous Zebra mussel the water is now crystal clear. There are not considerable incidences of mutated fish, etc. and the water is safe for immersion and consumption. Counts of Fecal Coliform Bacteria are not at threat levels.

    Lake Erie gets hot in the summer. Lake Superior stays cold but it is almost 1000 feet deep. Lake Erie is warm, shallow and biologically productive.

    Ploychlorinated Biphenyls are not a major problem in Lake Erie, though there is some naturally occuring Mercury.

    Lake Erie is cool, and has some of the best freshwater fishing in the world, is challenging for boaters (most shipwrecks of freshwater lakes) and even has a couple of beaches, though that is not the attraction. Lake Erie is enjoyable from March until October. TW I invite you,and anyone else. And if you want high-falutin stuff we can go to the flats up by Cleveland but the real fun stuff is in the West Basin.

    Maybe not the best place in the world for December beach fun, but the fishing is killer and overall it is a kickass place.

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    Default Juan Dolio is not nowhere...

    It is a suburb of the bustling metropolis of San Pedro de Macorís.

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    Default Re: Some lakes are greater than others

    Loren: You totally forgot about LK Huron which in my opinion is the cleanest of all five and the beaches are probably the best there as well, you have the Pinerys on it, Wasaga Beach,Grand Bend....and many more very high traffic beach ares along the shores of Lk Huron!! Also the fishing is superb there as well!

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    Jim Hinsch

    Default Re: John, learn before you talk *PIC*

    Hopefully, he'll read all the comments and looks at the Boca Chica web site.


    I wasn't even going to responsd to John, his comments being so absurd.

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