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Thread: Sosua Bay Club

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    With all due respect. Why don't you try staying at somewhere other than an all-inclusive? You may find you actually learn more about the Domiican Republic and the wonderful Dominicans who treat us like family when we visit.

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    I don't judge people who want to go to an all inclusive. Just stay away from Sosua, which still is a small living town.
    I know for a fact that the all inclusives in Sosua dont match the all inclusives at playa dorada and the Riu hotels.
    If you want to go to Sosua choose a regular hotel !

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    Default Re: Richard

    Bill, we go for the same reason to the DR as you (water, sun and people) but you don't see us at an AI. We also do not have to out for food and drinks if we don't want to, most hotels have a bar and restaurant.
    There are more beautiful hotels directly at a beach or at just a few minutes walking distances.
    So why an AI????????

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    Jim Hinsch

    Default Re: All Inclusive vs. Small Hotels

    You are so right, Doug. I did the same for my first 35 or so visits to the DR. Your schedule is ALWAYS your own, AI or not. You can go out and meet the local people, or not. Your option. Big properties just provide additional options.

    This is an old topic that pops up every now and then.

    See or click on the link below.

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